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My husband was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma

The following is a testimonial we received.


My husband was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma July 7, 2017.  Multiple Myeloma is a cancer formed by malignant plasma cells.  This particular type of cancer affects many things, low blood counts, difficulty fighting infections, bone and calcium issues and kidney problems to name a few.  When diagnosed, my husband had a creatinine level of 3.88 mg/dl.  His numbers continued to climb to 4.37 by mid-July.  Normal range is 0.60-1.30 mg/dl.  Creatinine levels are a direct correlation of kidneys function and my husband was considered in kidney failure and dangerously close to having start dialysis.

He started taking Hope Botanicals Softgels 25 Mg. twice daily, mostly to see if it would help with fatigue, mood and sleep.  The surprising thing was that his creatinine levels started going down.  Being an average male, he didn’t like taking so many medications and cut the non-prescribed CBD from his regime after a few weeks.  Once again, his creatinine levels started climbing and he was back to being tired and sluggish.  He resumed taking the capsules and his levels started going down again and are presently 2.1 mg/dl.

His mood is better, he feels better, in fact so much so that he cut 6 cords of wood this past week.

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