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I have had a 10 year odyssey of feeling like crap.  Hormones and stress were the major culprits, and of course stress can do things to our body that we don’t even know.

I have been seeing a naturopath for 2 years and we seemed to be getting closer to finding out some of my issues, but in the meantime she recommended I take CBD that she sold in her office.  I was wary as I had tried marijuana (legal in my state) and I had no idea that a little THC could make me totally nuts.  I was very skeptical and super nervous but assured me it contained no THC so I tried it and it really helped.  Each pump was only 3 mg (there’s that dosing issue again!  Primates can start with 25 mg) so I was squirting that stuff in my mouth like crazy trying to sleep.  The only problem was that it contained monk fruit and some other stuff.  After 10 squirts two times a day for a few days my stomach was not happy!

I started researching CBD that I could take that didn’t contain anything else like herbs or monk fruit. This was harder than I thought and proved almost impossible to find.   In stores and online want to sell you a bottle with 325mg of CBD, which is 6.5 doses!  We traveled to another state and I ran out.  I am always desperate to sleep so we went in a shop that sold CBD.  I had to pay $100 for 325 mg of CBD in glycerin and some kind of nasty sweetener that wouldn’t even come out of the dropper.    I was getting desperate to find some resource for CBD.

In the meantime, I decided if it was good for me it was good for my horse!  So I found a dog version of CBD, and of course they wouldn’t tell me how much CBD was in the bottle I was buying, only how many drops to give the horse.  Frustrating again!   But it worked on the horse (for stall rest) like nothing else (ace, sedavet, etc) so I started taking the dog CBD!

I read about a vet in Colorado that works with a company that makes CBD for animals and humans. (PS:  It’s all the same thing, just different dosing and dogs can’t have flavoring that’s in the people CBD).   So I called and talked to him and decided to start my own CBD company so that me, my family, friends and horse would have a consistent, pure supply of CBD.

I’ve now been using their product for 8 months on myself and the horse.  The consistency is great.  The horse stays the same on 50 mg per day.  He’s not needing more and more to get the same affect.  This is really encouraging!

Mick the CBD horse!


So anyway, that’s most of my CBD story.  I have more incidents to tell about other folks and other horses.  More to come …..

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