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CBD helps with sleep.  We know this from using it ourselves but have heard from numerous customers that, yes, our CBD does work.  Research studies have validated the use of CBD for sleep.

Full Spectrum and Isolate

I see lots of people complaining that CBD doesn’t work.  You’ve got to get the right amount from the right product.  Although some people believe in the effectiveness of  isolate, which is pure CBD, we’re starting to understand the great benefits of full spectrum CBD.


Get Full Spectrum

Watch for Full Spectrum CBD that is grown and processed in the USA using C02 extraction and organic practices.  Be wary of products from China or other countries.  Labs may buy product from other countries and bottle it here and not label the country of origin for the CBD.

Our Full Spectrum CBD has all the goodies of a marijuana plant including CBD, CBN, CBG plus terpenes and plant lipids, without THC.   All these together form the entourage effect.  These compounds hit the cannabinoid receptors in your body to heal and nourish.

Understand the dosing

If you buy a 250mg bottle of CBD because it’s inexpensive, that’s great.  Just understand that 1/2 a dropper of 250mg tincture gives you maybe 8.3 mg in a half a dropper full.  Not enough for even a small dog.  (yes, dogs can have CBD!)  Most people require a minimum dose of 25mg.  Consequently, this may be why some people are saying CBD isn’t working for them.

We’ve made the dosing simple.  One drop equals one mg of CBD.  It’s that easy.  So when you’re looking for CBD, rest assured that ours is Full Spectrum, made and grown in the USA with organic practices and no THC.




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