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CBD for Warts on Dogs

This is Roper.  You can see in the before picture the warts on the right side of his mouth and his bottom lip.  They were super painful and he cried a lot when he was eating or he knocked them on something.  Sally, his owner, was getting ready to take him to the vet and have them removed.  Vets usually don’t like to remove warts as they have a tendency to grow back, but Sally was wanting to get Roper some relief.

We sent Sally our 750 mg Full Spectrum CBD Unflavored Tincture.  He was getting pretty defensive about anyone touching his warts, so Sally decided to just give the tincture to him orally instead of trying to use the tincture topically. Sally gave the tincture for a month and as you can see, the front wart is totally gone and the one at the back of his mouth is almost gone.  We’re all pretty pleased with the result!

These testimonials are great to see.  It’s amazing to witness the way CBD works in the body to heal and restore.   We feel very blessed that we can sell such a great product and that it’s helping so many people and their pets.






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