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Feeling Better with CBD

This is Repo.  He’s a number one heading horse for his owner, Jacque. But he’s irreplaceable to his family because he’s so trustworthy with the kids.   Last summer he was doing great.  This winter he started to look a little unthrifty and feel off.  The vet confirmed that he likely has arthritis in his hip.  Jacque was just about ready to have his hip injected but she decided to try Hope Botanicals CBD pellets first.  As you can see in the after picture, he looks awesome.  He’s put on weight and he feels good.  Jacque says she’s not changed his feed.  She pushed him a little harder to see if he really felt as good as he appeared.  Jacque says he feels like a young horse again.  She’s ecstatic with the changes in Repo and so are we!

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