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Can this be true?

My review may sound unbelievable but every word is true. I had a 4.5 cm thyroid adenoma and recommendation was to have my thyroid removed. I have used 2 drops of CBD oil on my tumor every morning and every night for 2 months and I also take 1/2 dropper of CBD oil under my tongue morning and night–my final consultation with surgeon–it had shrunk to 3.2 cm! I knew it was smaller and is now barely visible. I was preparing to live my life without my thyroid! I also sleep wonderfully now and my stamina/wind is better I have noticed on our daily dog walk. I also give my horse diagnosed with navicular syndrome a twice daily scoop of CBD pellets and he has started running and playing with the other horses rather than just watching them! I don’t write reviews but this time I wholeheartedly offered to write one–life changing for me and my horse.

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