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Pain Relief for Paisley

This is Paisley.  She’s 10 years old and loves to see how many of her toys she can mange to carry around!  About 6 months ago she really hurt her back digging a hole the size of Texas to get a mole.  We took her to the vet and realized she had a lot of arthritis so we put her on meds for that.  I don’t like to give too much medication, especially if it’s just masking pain and not really helping or healing.  I ordered CBD unflavored tincture from Hope Botanicals and started giving it to Paisley two times a day.  I’ve decreased her pain meds by half after a month and I can tell she’s feeling great!  Dobermans are  prone to cancer so I’m thrilled to be giving her CBD for the pain and know that it will kill cancer cells also.

Mary Edwards



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