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This is Waylon.  He had ulcers and as of a few months ago his ulcers are gone. However, 1/3 of his stomach is permanently damaged with extensive scar tissue and he has “tenting” which has changed the way his stomach works. Judging by the findings he’s most likely had ulcers most of his life. He has a significant scar on his back hoof where the whole heel bulb and 1/4 of his foot was either removed or was barley hanging on. No clue when or how it happened, he came to me with it. He’s considered chronic by the vets at OSU and that he won’t ever be “cured”. It’s a pretty sad situation and I’m not sure what to do. He’s unhappy and in pain most days. The CBD helps take the edge off and has allowed him a respite from windsucking as he was chronic with this and even able to windsuck with a cribbing collar.  I’m happy he is getting some relief with the CBD pellets.

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  • Are you saying cribbing can be cured w CBD?!

    Or cribbing is a symptom of pain. And with pain relief, cribbing has stopped?!

    • We’ve seen horses with severe cribbing stop quite a bit. Is cribbing a stall vice or is it from pain? I don’t think we know that for sure, but I know CBD helps with pain. That’s probably why it’s helping and the fact that it lessens anxiety.

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