how to use cbd oil for horses with arthritis
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I get many inquiries about how to use CBD oil for horses with arthritis, and the effectiveness of CBD for arthritis. My answer is always yes! CBD will not only make your horse more comfortable, but according to research about the effects of cannabidiol on arthritis published by the US National Academy of Sciences, it may reverse the effects of arthritis. Read the full study here:

While we do not have clinical tests of CBD for horses, there are rat and human studies. But having clinical tests on horses may not be necessary.

According to Craig Carter, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVPM, DSNAP, quoted in this article from The Horse, “Diseases in all mammals are pretty much a mirror of the physiology and pharmacology of people, with some key differences. But the use of antibiotics, anti-cancer drugs, and treatment protocols are all very similar.”

I always subconsciously knew this, but once I used CBD on myself and my horse, read more about it and watched the results, I had an “ah ha” moment. Because Western medicine has not explained this well, or hidden it, many people think what applies to them and what can help is separate from what can work for their horse.

CBD and Degenerative Joint Disease

My personal experience has been with a 17-year-old gelding with degenerative joint disease and tendon lesions. We started with stall rest to try to heal the lesions and that’s where the CBD came into play for me the first time.

We could not keep the horse quiet for stall rest, on any amount of medication. I just wanted to keep the horse quiet and had no expectation for healing from CBD. What I saw astounded me.

His joint, which had always been abnormally large from inflammation, was shrinking to normal size. I did not understand what was going on in the joint, but I could tell the horse was becoming more comfortable.

We eventually did arthroscopic surgery on the joint (one of the messiest joints ever seen according to the surgeon), but this surgery was against the advice of vets involved. They told us he would never be sound. It is now one year post-surgery, and the horse is sound, being ridden 4-5 days per week.

Is it the CBD that has healed that joint? Back to the first paragraph of this post and the study on arthritis. It’s a fantastic study and the results are stunning. But some of the summary statements stood out to me:

“Oral Administration of CBD has an equally potent therapeutic effect on established arthritis.”

“Daily oral gavage of CBD immediately after onset of arthritis resulted in suppression of acute CIA.”

“This finding suggests that the therapeutic actions of CBD include the suppression of TNF-α, a proinflammatory cytokine known to be a major mediator of arthritis.”

Do I think CBD has healed my horse? Yes. Do I think CBD can help other horses with arthritis? Absolutely yes without a doubt. Am I going to wait for a pharmacy company to prove it works? No!

I have done my own research and I’ve had the perfect patient to give CBD to. He’s a testament to the fact it works.

I have many other customers that tell me the same thing. Their horses are feeling much better, the equine chiropractors are noticing the difference, joint injections are being minimized and in many cases they eliminate NSAID’s.

I’m seeing a lot of arthritis in horses as customers are sharing their stories with me. To see arthritis in a yearling colt is a head shaker for me.

To have something natural you can use as a supplement for arthritis, whether your horse has it now or not, should be something to be very excited about.

In the horse supplement market, we’ve never had anything that could do what CBD does, backed by hundreds of research studies in many countries.

Will CBD Oil Slow my Horse Down?

Another common question customers ask is, “will CBD slow my horse down?” There isn’t a definitive answer to be found to that question, but the testimonials here on about Boogie and Cash dispel this notion.

Both horses are over 17 years old and have had some of the fastest times in their careers after going on CBD.  Their owners put them on CBD specifically for arthritis. Their owners say they are super focused and just plain feel good.

The best thing about CBD for your horse is that it is natural, and it has no known side effects. It’s great for your horse for other issues, even those you aren’t fully aware of. As a daily supplement, there’s nothing like CBD for your horse.

How to Use CBD Oil for Arthritis in Horses

If it interests you to start a CBD regimen for your horse, CBD Oil is given as a daily supplement. We have two options for administration. The first is a tincture that is squirted into the horse’s lower lip using the included dosing syringe. Learn more about our CBD Oil Tincture for Horses here.

The second is pellets that are added to your horse’s regular feed. The pellets are palatable and horses readily eat them in their feed. Learn more about our CBD Pellets for Horses here.

A typical dose is 50-200 mg per day, depending on what issue you are treating, you can contact us for more help in getting started with a CBD regimen.

Tips for how to use cbd oil for horses with arthritis

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