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Help for Lollipop, a blind mare

From Lisa, owner of the mare, Lollipop:

“We’ve spoken about my blind mare Lollipop and how the transition to her new home (with her companion) was a real challenge. I really wasn’t sure what to do and at that point I called you.

I want to give you an update about her. The CBD saved her life! After watching her suffer for 5 very long weeks and walk miles of circles in her paddock, she has finally stopped.

Thursday was her best day ever – no circle walking after 6 a.m. For the first 6 days of treatment, there was some intermittent, but brief circling. I have a security camera on her, so I have been able to closely monitor her progress. It is like the switch that got flipped on during our move, has finally been turned off. I cannot express the relief this has given me. All day Thursday after breakfast, no walking, same yesterday, and again this morning, no walking. Also, during those first 5 weeks, she was walking so much that she was laying down a lot. She was physically exhausted – poor girl. She is laying down less frequently now and already appears to be filling out a bit. She had dropped quite a bit of weight.

For the record:

I started her on 28g twice daily (560mg CBD/day) combined with 500mg B1 crumbles twice daily (1000mg/day). I saw absolutely no adverse side effects. She was alert, engaging, eating and drinking normally. I didn’t really intend on starting with this high of a dose, but since this where I accidentally started, I decided to just stick with it – glad I did.

Friday I began dropping her CBD intake. She received 520mg CBD for the day. I think I will drop her dosage every 3rd day as long as her mental state remains stable.

I must admit that the CBD therapy was a “hail Mary” throw in my book. I had exhausted all my other options. This was going to be my last attempt to avoid euthanasia and I came in skeptical -Having never used CBD for medicinal purposes. Well, I am a confirmed believer! This stuff works!

My goal is to get her down to 200mg/day as I think I will continue to use this product for maintenance. She is 26 and I know our time together is limited. All I ever wanted was to give her a few more comfortable years of retirement in our new home together. It seems we are on the right path to achieve that dream.

Thank you for everything!”

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