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Mach’s relief from Polyneuritis

This is Mach, a beloved member of the Karl family.  We know we’re probably being too sentimental but to have a special horse and then have them diagnosed with a disease such as polyneuritis is devastating.  This disease is very similar to multiple sclerosis in people.

“Mach has been on Hope Botanicals CBD pellets for one month now.  He is now down to 1/4 tablet of previcox once a day.  On Friday, he bucked in his field and cantered in to get fed, for the first time in a year!” – Betsey

We love to hear these stories.  It makes us pretty warm and fuzzy:)

Photos credit Betsey Karl (aren’t they amazing?)


Ulcer Relief for Spartan

Ulcer Relief for Spartan

Where to begin….I purchased Spartan as a 3-month-old in the year of 2011 and he came to live with me a 5 months old.  I have done all the training and care for Spartan.  I have always instilled a low grain/high fiber diet, access to grass or hay 24/7 and tons of turn out.  I also attempt to keep stress levels down in all my horse’s lives. One would think I was doing everything right to prevent ulcers.  At the age of 5 I started to trailer him more frequently for lessons and a few shows and by that fall he was exhibiting behavior issues.  Many said it was him just being five years old. However, my gut told me otherwise. I decided to scope him and found he had grade 2 ulcers.  Did the Ulcergard 30-day treatment, rescoped and he was healed.  Yipee right?  Well, we still experienced some behavioral issues that told me not all was well so I continued to look into it further.  We then treated for hind gut ulcers. With great success, he was finally feeling better. The behaviors went away and he was going great. It has now been 2.5 years of treating and re-treating for ulcer fair ups.  It was clear to me that no matter how much I tried to keep “stress” out of his life, he was prone to getting ulcers.  He has always been a super sensitive horse, reactive and over thinks everything. Over the last 2.5 years, I have spent $1000’s of dollars on every supplement that you could imagine. I decided that throwing all these ulcer treatments at him was just not going to do the trick. I had to get to the core of the issue  So I decided to do two things; 1. I took him off all his supplements and put him on the very basics, hay, grass, a very small amount of grain and a vitamin supplement called Equipride and 2. put him on CBD oil.  I decided on CBD oil for two reasons, to help with anxiety and inflammation.  Hope Botanicals CBD oil has been absolutely amazing.  The change in Spartan’s reactiveness is impressive, he finally seems at peace with himself and he is moving better than ever.  He has more articulation in his joints and is so much more focused in his work. His coat is amazing and he is the fattest he has ever been in his life.  Jenna has been so helpful and quick to answer all my questions and so supportive. I initially reached out to her months ago but my vets pooh-poohed the thought of CBD oil.  I regret that I didn’t try it sooner.  Thank you Jenna and Hope Botanicals for such a great product.   – Jody

Gus and Stella

We  love getting feedback on our products.  Our Dog Chews and Natural Tincture are helping these two a lot.  Aren’t they just darling?

“I have 4 dogs…all seniors. .  I bought it for my pug Gus who is 13ish (black pug) He has lots of cognitive issues, the main one being that at night he wakes up and paces the house scratches to get on the bed then jumps off…and the cycle just repeats itself for hours.  I had tried some other brands of CBD and did not really see any difference.  We had also tried medications…Gabapentin, Trazadone Anipryl  etc that also did not help at all.  I saw something on social media about your product and decided to give it a try.  It has worked wonders for him…he gets 1/2 a chew at night before bed and sleeps through the night.

I also have a 16 year old pug who is healthy, but very arthritic she has gotten so grumpy lately and she frets about everything.   She is already on rimadyl and gabapentin and I do not want to up the dose on those, so I started giving it to her also twice a day just to try to help her mood. and hopefully help with any pain she is having.  She seems much more comfortable and the fretting has gotten much better.”  Alana

Arthritis Relief for Buster

Meet Magic Kinda Silver, retired AQHA/PBHA all around, three times PBHA Champion.  Buster didn’t really want to retire at age 19, so his owner Theresa,  and Buster, teach young children how to ride.  Buster was getting a little grumpy giving all those lessons and started not wanting to do his job.  Theresa knew he really liked staying active, but figured he was in some pain.  She was giving him a popular non-steroidal anti-inflammatory but that didn’t really help him much.  Theresa decided to try the CBD pellets and within days Buster was much happier, calmer and happy to do his job.  Theresa now has all her horses on CBD because she’s seen the difference CBD can make.

We want to thank Theresa for sharing her story.  We love happy beginnings:)

Seeking Relief: CBD for Migraine & Headaches

Chronic migraine is one of the most disabling of all medical conditions, and finding a treatment can be challenging. Migraine symptoms and headaches can be debilitating, exhausting, and get in the way of living your best life.  Many prescription medications used to treat migraine have a wide array of side effects that lead to other frustrations.

If you have been suffering from migraine and headaches for a long time, it can feel hopeless… BUT there is hope for you to find relief.

CBD is a natural treatment for migraine and headaches. For thousands of years, CBD has been used with success to treat migraine and headaches – without the harsh side effects of prescription medications.

I have had a winter of migraines, with several auras along with the debilitating headaches per week. I have been migraine free after taking the soft gels for one week, for 3 weeks now, so grateful!”

CBD is becoming more prevalent in the medical community as people continue to have successful results. CBD acts as a supplement when there is an endocannabinoid deficiency, interacting with cannabinoid receptors that influence pain sensation. A recent review of using cannabis to treat migraines found that it may play a therapeutic role particularly for chronic pain disorders like migraine and headaches, stating that “cannabinoids appear to modulate and interact at many pathways inherent to migraine” (  Another study in 2016 found a significant decrease in migraine headaches with cannabinoid use (

You deserve to feel healthy, happy, and comfortable. CBD could alleviate the suffering cause by migraine and headaches – don’t hesitate to give it a try.

How to use CBD for Migraine and Headaches:

You may feel inclined to just take CBD when you feel migraine symptoms or a headache coming on. However, because CBD is actually rectifying a cannabinoid deficiency, you want to continue using CBD daily for best results. Keeping CBD in your system will ensure long term healing and beneficial results.


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