CBD for Equine Cushings

I had spent a lot of time and energy trying to figure out how to get my aging horse, Joe, who is a 25 year old Appaloosa gelding, to put on weight. His hair coat was dull and thick and his usual personality was muted as well.  We learned from our vet that he had Cushings.  Some horses react to Cushings by struggling to keep on weight and have poor muscle tone.  That is what Joe was struggling with in addition to the usual Cushings symptoms.  I was apprehensive to put him on pharmaceutical medicine.  After hearing and seeing very positive reviews of a variety of equine conditions being improved with the use of CBD oil, I decided this seemed like a good choice for my special guy.  The first time I gave him a dose of CBD oil he instantly started relaxing.  He immediately was yawning and licking his lips and kept it up for at least five minutes.  The chronic stress that his body had been unsuccessfully dealing with was being relieved!  Jo has now been getting 25 mg of Hope Botanicals 750 mg CBD oil twice a day for a month and a half.  He has completely blown his old hair coat and has a nice healthy one showing through and he has put on quite a bit of weight and looks like his old self, and thankfully his personality is back.  He has been enjoying being ridden and is doing the important job of teaching a teenage girl all the fun of competing at the Western States Stock Horse shows.  I am so thankful to have this option and even more thankful that it has worked so well!  We have already spent 21 awesome years together and I am so glad to look forward to more!


Pain Relief for Paisley

This is Paisley.  She’s 10 years old and loves to see how many of her toys she can mange to carry around!  About 6 months ago she really hurt her back digging a hole the size of Texas to get a mole.  We took her to the vet and realized she had a lot of arthritis so we put her on meds for that.  I don’t like to give too much medication, especially if it’s just masking pain and not really helping or healing.  I ordered CBD unflavored tincture from Hope Botanicals and started giving it to Paisley two times a day.  I’ve decreased her pain meds by half after a month and I can tell she’s feeling great!  Dobermans are  prone to cancer so I’m thrilled to be giving her CBD for the pain and know that it will kill cancer cells also.

Mary Edwards




This product does exactly as it states. I put my quarter horse on the CBD pellets 5 days ago and gave him the tincture before going to a barrel race yesterday. Bert was an absolute mess at our last show 2 weeks ago;  he could not focus in the arena and wouldn’t listen to me. I actually scratched him for the day by the 3rd race! Yesterday, after CBD he was calm and collected and did his job well. We placed in all 7 races and he was a good boy ALL day. I highly recommend these products !

Shannon Small

Arthritis relief for Maggie!

I have an 11 year old Lab that was developing arthritis in her hips. Vet said she will probably always be on meds from now on. My thought was to give this a 30 trial period if it works great if not back to the prescription meds. After 1 week on the medium dose for a 100 lb. dog she has already shown improvements! Can’t wait to see what the next couple of weeks will bring. Thumbs up on this product and Hope Botanicals.  Looking forward to trying the horse products.

Katie Moore

Can this be true?

My review may sound unbelievable but every word is true. I had a 4.5 cm thyroid adenoma and recommendation was to have my thyroid removed. I have used 2 drops of CBD oil on my tumor every morning and every night for 2 months and I also take 1/2 dropper of CBD oil under my tongue morning and night–my final consultation with surgeon–it had shrunk to 3.2 cm! I knew it was smaller and is now barely visible. I was preparing to live my life without my thyroid! I also sleep wonderfully now and my stamina/wind is better I have noticed on our daily dog walk. I also give my horse diagnosed with navicular syndrome a twice daily scoop of CBD pellets and he has started running and playing with the other horses rather than just watching them! I don’t write reviews but this time I wholeheartedly offered to write one–life changing for me and my horse.

CBD for Cancer Symptoms

On July 7, 2017 Russ was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a cancer formed by malignant plasma cells (aka blood cancer).  This particular type of cancer affects many things, low blood counts, difficulty fighting infections, bone and calcium issues and kidney problems to name a few.

When diagnosed, Russ had a creatinine level of 3.88 mg/dl and his numbers continued to climb to 4.37 by mid-July. Normal levels range from 0.60-1.30 mg/dl. Creatinine levels are a direct correlation of kidneys function, therefore, Russ was considered in kidney failure and dangerously close to having to start dialysis.

He started taking Hope Botanicals CBD gel cap, 25 mg twice daily, mostly to see if it would help with fatigue, mood and sleep. While the CBD definitely helped with these symptoms, most noteworthy, we began to see his creatinine levels drop substantially. Being an average male, he didn’t like taking so many medications and cut the non-prescribed CBD from his regime after a few weeks. Once again, his creatinine levels started climbing and he was back to being tired and sluggish. He resumed taking the capsules and his levels started going down again. Presently his levels are 2.1 mg/dl.

In March of 2018 Russ received a stem cell transplant. It was a very uncomfortable procedure and when he was released from the hospital he was  in extreme pain and even the maximum amount of opiates could not keep his pain under control.  They started him again on the CBD gel caps, 50mg every three hours and within 7 hours, he was pain free. As of today, Russ is considered in remission, we believe with help of CBD.


We are very happy to hear such an amazing testimony and very thankful that we could help Russ manage his cancer symptoms.


CBD for Warts on Dogs

This is Roper.  You can see in the before picture the warts on the right side of his mouth and his bottom lip.  They were super painful and he cried a lot when he was eating or he knocked them on something.  Sally, his owner, was getting ready to take him to the vet and have them removed.  Vets usually don’t like to remove warts as they have a tendency to grow back, but Sally was wanting to get Roper some relief.

We sent Sally our 750 mg Full Spectrum CBD Unflavored Tincture.  He was getting pretty defensive about anyone touching his warts, so Sally decided to just give the tincture to him orally instead of trying to use the tincture topically. Sally gave the tincture for a month and as you can see, the front wart is totally gone and the one at the back of his mouth is almost gone.  We’re all pretty pleased with the result!

These testimonials are great to see.  It’s amazing to witness the way CBD works in the body to heal and restore.   We feel very blessed that we can sell such a great product and that it’s helping so many people and their pets.






Feeling Better with CBD

This is Repo.  He’s a number one heading horse for his owner, Jacque. But he’s irreplaceable to his family because he’s so trustworthy with the kids.   Last summer he was doing great.  This winter he started to look a little unthrifty and feel off.  The vet confirmed that he likely has arthritis in his hip.  Jacque was just about ready to have his hip injected but she decided to try Hope Botanicals CBD pellets first.  As you can see in the after picture, he looks awesome.  He’s put on weight and he feels good.  Jacque says she’s not changed his feed.  She pushed him a little harder to see if he really felt as good as he appeared.  Jacque says he feels like a young horse again.  She’s ecstatic with the changes in Repo and so are we!

CBD Pellets for Arthritis in Horses



This is Boogie.  He’s about 15 years old and developed pockets of inflammation on his knees due to arthritis.  His owner thought he was done competing but then she tried the CBD pellets by Hope Botanicals.  After a week and a half on the pellets, a week which included a three day trailer ride, the inflammation on his knees is down to almost nothing.  We know CBD is very anti-inflammatory and can help with lots of issues, but this is amazing!

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