Broad Spectrum CBD Pellets for Horses or Livestock – Non GMO, Made with Organically Grown Hemp – Contains 0 THC

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Each Tablespoon of pellets contain 100 mg of CBD with no THC and are made from post extraction hemp meal.  Approximately 6200 mg of CBD per 1.5 lb.


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Our horse pellet is truly unique.  Each Tablespoon of pellets contains a minimum of  100 mg of CBD with no THC and are made from post extraction hemp meal.  Common dosing is 25mg – 200 per day.   Some horses need less, some need more depending on the issue you are treating.   Our 1.5 pound bucket contains 62 scoops and approximately 6200 mg of CBD.   The three month supply is 4.5 lbs and contains 186 scoops.
Because we give you 1.5 pounds for a full month supply, the cost is .015 cents per mg of CBD.  Our 4.5 pound three month supply costs .012 cents per mg of CBD.  Our pellets cost $65.21 per pound for the one month supply and $57.97 per pound for the three month supply. A much better buy than other products.  Also,  please read our labs.  Labs matter!


Please note:  Not all associations allow the use of hemp with naturally-occurring CBD for use in show.  Please consult with your individual associations prior to use.
*Not available to ship to CA
Weight 1.38 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5.1 in

1.5 lb (one month supply), 4.5lbs (three month supply)

14 reviews for Broad Spectrum CBD Pellets for Horses or Livestock – Non GMO, Made with Organically Grown Hemp – Contains 0 THC

  1. Patrick

    We have fed the pellets to our halter horses for about 3 months now. We find that the horses eat better and are gaining weight. The horses are consistently sound and generally feel better. We think this is an excellent product. It’s known to be a very strong anti-inflammatory and is great for joints.

  2. Jenna Brown

    Hi Jennifer: Please contact me at I would like you to try the product. Thank you:)

  3. Emily (verified owner)

    This had been incredible for my cribbing mare, I have seen a huge difference in her appetite and her cribbing has decreased. Her bloat is less and she has been less painful for her chiropractic adjustments. I just ran out and noticed her being more cranky without her horsey weed!

    • Jenna Brown

      Hey Emily. Thanks so much for the comment. I’m really happy to hear it helps with her cribbing. I love to pass on information to folks that have similar issues so this is great. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Donna Burdzinski (verified owner)

    These cbd pellets have extended my horse Chica’s compeition life. Last year I had a real problem with her not wanting to enter the gate at races. Started giving her pellets 1 hour before and she would listen and concentrate on her job. We won the 1D Senior at 98% of the barrel races we attended. This year I am sure that now that I give her pellets twice a day at morning and evening feedings we are going to continue doing well. She is 16 this year and shows no slowing down if anything her speed has increased. Thank you Jenna for helping me figure out her dosage. I am blessed to be able to continue running with my best friend.

    • Jenna Brown

      Hi Donna: Thank you so much for leaving the review. You were one of my first customers and I”m so thrilled it has helped Chica. This is a pretty amazing story in itself, but her being 16, now that’s impressive.

  5. Jessica McGuire

    The CBD pellets we used for about a month. What i liked about the product was that it made him normal. We were on stall rest for 3 months and having a hard time settling. we used 2 other kids of calming meds. One over the counter and one a perspiration. Neither fazed him. After hearing some recommendations form a few friends we tried it. I was pleased that he acted like his normal self but took the edge off and he wasn’t explosive. We now ran into another issue and may have to start the process over. We are ordering more and trying the tincture with it this time. I look forward to seeing how it works out with both 🙂

    **on a side note customer service is amazing. I have gotten a lot of help and was able to explain our situation with a sense of some one really trying to help us. After the day I ordered it only took two days to arrive!!**

    • Jenna Brown

      Thank you for the great review Jessica. I’m so glad it worked to help your guy on stall rest:)

  6. Jacqui Gazzara (verified owner)

    I am placing my order for the 3 month supply 🙂 My mare is rehabbing a ligament injury and I swear that the pellets keep her calm and very non reactive to things that normally would send her through the roof LOL! My farrier suggested Hope botanicals after shoeing a couple of older horses with hind end issues. He loves how it helps them feel better and they are easier to shoe now.

    • Jenna Brown

      Thank you for sharing your good experience. We appreciate it!!!

  7. Susan Stevenson (verified owner)

    I have been using your CBD horse pellets for my arthritic goat. He had lost his appetite and was moping around. After starting him on the CBD pellets (.5-1 tsp 2x per day), he has starting eating better and seems more content.

    • Jenna Brown

      Hi Susan: Thank you so much for sharing your good success with the CBD pellets. We’re very happy it’s making your goat feel better:)

  8. Rebecca Williams (verified owner)

    I got this in desperation for a very old (at least 13 years) goat who was actively dying. He is literally coming back from the dead and I could not be more grateful! He doesn’t like the taste so I found a nice way to give him the CBD pellets I can share:

    1 apple—core apple and slice into 12 pieces. 6 pieces carve out a little tiny pyramid and put ground up CBD pellets in it. Smash little cut out piece of apple back on top

    I feed him one piece of CBD apple, holding the part with CBD in my fingers until he eats it. Then I chase it with one clean piece of apple.

    I give it to him twice a day and he gets probably a little bit more than a teaspoon each apple.

    Now it’s his super amazing treat and he is transforming back before my eyes. Appetite slowing increasing, moving around more. One happy goat mama!

    • Jenna Brown (verified owner)

      I’m so happy it’s making your goat feel better. We love what CBD can do for all livestock! And thank you for the treat recipe. I’ve found that most animals eat it readily, but a very few take awhile to warm up to the taste. Thank you Rebecca:)

  9. Amy Zauner (verified owner)

    My horse foundered and the CBD pellets alleviated my horses severe pain. It’s been almost 7 months now and he’s on his way to a full recovery. He still gets his little dose everyday to keep him comfortable and happy. I truly believe that the CBD helped prevent other issues that can be caused from the severe pain and stress from founder.

    • Jenna Brown (verified owner)

      Thank you for sharing with us Amy! We’re so glad he’s feeling better:)

  10. Robin Marsh

    I wanted to ask if these pellets would help my goat, Petey has a bad front leg ,he holds it up a lot, the vet says it arthritis. I watch him hobble around ,it brings tears to my eyes watching, he still plays a little with the other goat but I know when its hurting,when he rans back in barn away from the other goat to lay down, he such a good goat, he still has a lot of life in him,,I have to keep them separated cause tired easy and the other just keeps bothering him when Petey just wants to lay down,.Do you have anything that would ease the pain and want him to be in the pasture just to eat grass and walk around being a goat. I’ve read this reviews and all rated are 5 star. I really need some suggestions if its possible I would appreciate it.

    • Jenna Brown (verified owner)

      Hi Robin: Yes, I think the pellets would be beneficial for your goat. We have lots of goat customers! I sent you an email to explain more:) Jenna

  11. Fraleys Animal Sanctuary Inc.

    I have a pot bellied pig with severe arthritis, who had been given meloxicam for years, when he came to my animal rescue I noticed he seem to have stomach discomfort, and started treating him for stomach ulcer most likely from taking NSAIDS for a long time, so we had to find another way to treat his poor arthritis, started him on this and he seems to be very comfortable and walking but without GI upset

    • Jenna Brown (verified owner)

      Hello:) We’d love a picture of Mr. Pig. So glad the product worked well for him:)

  12. Allison

    Do the pellets help with anxiety or are they more for pain relief?

    • Jenna Brown (verified owner)

      Hi Allison: They help with both. Studies show the benefit of CBD for pain from any cuase is excellent. That can translate into less anxiety for a lot of horses if they are experiencing anxiety from pain. Hope this helps answer your question:)

  13. Nicole Sicely – Custom Equine Nutrition, LLC

    I can’t say enough good things about Hope Botanical’s CBD Pellets. I use them for one of my own horses and recommend them to clients.

    These pellets are very palatable and helped improve my geldings appetite while he was on his treatment for Lyme. This gelding lived most of his life (25yrs) in Texas and was then moved to Vermont and came into my life. Winters make him nervous, very twitchy and reactive. He is constantly on guard. So much so that he can’t handle being in a stall, let alone the barn isle. He must be outside where he can see this strange white snow covered world. I am a professional equine nutritionist and have him on a tightly balanced diet. I have tried calming supplements backed by a ton of studies and research, they didn’t help. Hope Botanical’s CBD pellets are the only thing that seems to take the edge off and give him the chance to relax.

    I recommend this product often to horse owners whose horses could use a better appetite, helping some PPID horses get through the pergolide veil when they first start medication, and horses with anxiety. The anti-inflammatory benefit is icing on the cake!

    • Jenna Brown (verified owner)

      Hi Nicole:) Thank you so much for your review. It means a lot that someone with your experience in equine nutrition would recommend our product. It’s much appreciated:) Jenna

  14. Donna Marie Richards

    Any help with ring bone?

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